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Game Day
While I had access to a real grand piano, I set up my camera to record me playing Game Day. I wish the audio quality was better, but hey, it's only a digital camera that records video with a 32KHz mono compressed audio track. :)

2.2MB MP3

A few notes:
  • The super-high note between 3:37 and 3:38 is hit by a cross-over from the left hand. That's fun. :) And it also explains why I occasionally miss the bass notes on the next beat.

  • The single note triple-struck just before 3:49 is probably my favorite part of the whole piece, and I'm glad I got it to sound good in this recording.

  • The performance is unedited. I actually did it all in one take and impressed myself. :) The only modification I made was some volume envelope stuff to try and add back some of the essential dynamics that didn't come through on the camera's microphone. I also added the reverb on the last note, although it seems silly to embellish that when the recording quality is so low, but whatever. :)