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Ok, I know I'm left-eyed. I look through telescopes and camera viewfinders with my left eye, contrary to the design of most cameras that seem intended to be held off to the right side of the head. It's just easier for my brain to ignore the signal from the right eye than from the left. Also easier to close only my right eye than only my left, but that's probably a result of the mental preference... those muscles get used more.

But am I left-eared too? Lately I've felt like I hear everything relative to my left ear. I worried that it might actually be hearing loss in my right ear, but when I make sounds in one ear at time, they seem the same. I can still hear the squeal of a TV's picture tube with either ear, and those high frequencies would be the first to go if I was experiencing hearing loss. So I don't think it's that. But it just seems like my brain has chosen to pay more attention to the left ear when it has signals from both available to it. Yet I have no problem locating sounds. And stereo effects in headphones work fine.

The brain is a weird thing.

If it IS hearing loss, I can probably blame that civil war reenactment. :-P I'm not a concert-goer or anything. I wonder if there have been any studies on the effect of constant low-decibel noise (such as computer fans and hard drives) on the ear over extended periods of time (like 5 years). Sitting near computers as a lifestyle is going to prove to be unhealthy in SOME way, I'm sure. :) And I don't mean in terms of lack of exercise or carpal tunnel or sore behinds.
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