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I guess I just stop practicing?
There I was sitting at my keyboard, practicing with my ear buds, when suddenly the right channel goes silent. "Stupid plug," I thought as I reached to the back of the keyboard to fiddle with the angle of the plug in the headphone jack. But to my surprise, it didn't come back. But the left side started cutting in and out as I wiggled it. Hmm. I hoped it wasn't a problem with the jack...

So I went to find my old cheap thin-band-over-the-head foam-covered style headphones that used to come with the first Walkmans. I tried them, and they worked. So good, it wasn't the jack. But bad, it was the brand new ear buds. :(

As if that's not bad enough, the cord on the cheap headphones was too short to reach from the keyboard to my head, so I couldn't practice with them.

And my semi-good foam-cup style headphones that actually sound the best and DO have a cord long enough are currently strapped to my telephone waiting to answer the next telemarketer. But besides that, the skin on the foam has been flaking off lately and it leaves these little black pieces of plastic all over.

So, a recap of the headphones situation...

Ear buds: right channel doesn't work
Old headphones: cord too short
New headphones: in use and foam is messy anyway

Maybe I'll just have to go out and buy some new ones. *sigh*

Do any audiophiles have any suggestions?

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Re: Audiophile? Me? Noooooooo....

Not sure what you mean by "In Between the two." The Koss lightweights are some of the most comfortable best-sounding headphones I've ever heard, and they're light and very comfortable...and even at $40, a screamin' deal.

AS for the wireless...once you go wireless, you don't go back. The ones I showed you come with a couple rechargable AA bateries and a charging wire that plugs into the base, which plugs into the wall. So when you're done playing, you just plug them into the base, and they're ready to go for the next time. I've never had a charge die in the middle of playing...the instructions say they last about 8 on hours.

Re: Audiophile? Me? Noooooooo....

Well blah...

From reading the info, I was just about sold on the Jensen JF40. But then I read some reviews on it and the main complaint was that the sound leaks out with the open-back design, so people can hear what you're listening to. Well that's a major concern for me because it's the whole reason I'm wearing headphones to play piano in the first place - so my roommates don't need to hear it.

So then I looked at the JF25 which has a closed-back design but its specs weren't as good... higher impedance, which I assume means it takes more power to drive them? Another issue I saw in reviews was that some headphones don't work with the new power-conscious portable devices because they require too much power to drive them, so you can't get it loud enough.

Well anyway, I went to Best Buy and looked at their selection. Sadly, they don't have models on display to hear what they sound like. But I found that they had two versions of the JF25, under the same shelf label... one of them had the specs I read online, but the other had the specs of the JF40. That seemed perfect to me, so I got them.

They're crap.

They suffer from the resonance problem I read about so much in the reviews of closed-back designs. It sounds like having tin cans strapped to your ears.

So I guess I'll try to return them. I dunno what their policy is on headphones that are opened. It doesn't fall under any category described on the back of the receipt.

Maybe I'll have to give those Koss lightweights a try.

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