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Ok, I just saw a commercial that actually made me laugh...

It's that Toyota commercial with the red card parked in the street. A dog comes running out of a yard barking like crazy, running straight at the back of the car... and WHUMP!!! ...runs right into it!

Then the caption, "Looks fast."

*applause* Nice work. :)

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hehe, I saw one on vacation that made me laugh...

There was this guy running down the street and then there's this deer. He runs into the deer and falls over. The deer falls on top of him. The announcer all this time has been talking about insurance and finishes, "In case this happens to you. In your car."


I guess you'd have to see it.

Yeah I saw that one too... Creative. :)

Another funny one is the series of commercials made for some sort of medical insurance, showing people in conversations saying things like, "Oh, sorry I can't... I'm falling off my roof tomorrow. Yeah, gonna rupture a disk and pinch my siatic nerve (however that's spelled). I'll call you when I get out of traction." Then the announcer says "Nobody plans for these things. Fortunately, we do." Another one showed a guy in a business meeting planning for a heart attack.

Maybe the concept isn't that funny but it was acted well.

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