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My car insurance company paid me $160 for turning 25. :-D And that's just a refund on a semi-annual premium I paid several months ago, so the actual decrease in my premium might be even more than that. Sweet!

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That's cool....free money for being born. Can't argue with that.

I found out recently that my insurance company won't refund my extra money for turning 25 which I do next year. They won't change my rates until I renew the 12-monh policy which would be in September...that's...***Counts on fingers***...6 months worth of higher premiums they're trying to hose me for. Luckily, I found out about this before the policy is set for renewal THIS September, and I have time to shop around for a new insurance company.


Good going. :)

Mine is State Farm, if you're curious.

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