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Mmmm... Carnie Food

I went to the Firemen's Parade and Carnival in Greece tonight. The parade was really damn long, mainly because there were so many long breaks in it. Also because of the politicians that have half the town walking behind their car all wearing the same t-shirt. But it was a nice personal parade, being on a rather narrow street, so no matter where you are, the fire trucks are within spitting distance. (Or Silly String, as some kids further up the route apparently found out. How immature.)

Then we went to the carnival. Nothing all that unique. There was a fun house ride there that was HUGE. It was 3 stories tall and twice as wide. And to get food you had to buy food tickets from a booth. I guess that's a good idea - keeps all the cash in one (caged-in) place. And speeds things up in the food lines. I had a nice juicy hot dog, bottle of 7-Up, fried dough, and some salted potatoes all for just $5 worth of tickets. Not bad. We didn't go on any rides though. By the time we would've considered it, many of them were closed down. I guess all the kids had gone home and everyone was in the beer tent by that time. So we left.
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