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Yeah, um, WOW...

I was at RIT for a little bit, erm... um... last night, and noticed some of the changes going on there.

Ritz? Gutted.
Game Room? Gutted.
SAU Lobby? Stripped of flags and display cases.
RITreat? New fixed-position tables and comfy chairs with swing-in desktops that are WAY too low for the thickness of the average person's legs, and not adjustable.

No sign of the "Sentinel" trash heap in the admin circle yet.

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Dude.... Am I going to recoginize my school when I get back in August??!?!

::sniffle:: All that precious poster space....

The poster space is still there. Actually now there's more of it because the display cases are gone. But I dunno how long that'll last... I'm not sure what that "canopy" thing they're supposed to put in is going to do to the poster space on the walls.

There's gonna be a "media tower" right in the center of the lobby with plamsa screens on it. Maybe the intent is to have clubs put their publicity on there instead. :-/

Sentinel? SENTINEL!??!?

Is that what they've actually decided to call that remarkably hideous pile of misplaced landfill they plan on putting there? That thing is just what RIT needs....another grafitti magnet.

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