Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Idaho Trip: Monday, July 1st

Well once again I just kinda slept until I felt like getting up. Round about 9:50 I guess I crawled out of bed and went go get a shower. When I got out of the shower my dad was standing there in the hall like he was about to knock on the door, and said, "Oh, there you are. Are you ready?" Huh...

See, I knew that my mom and dad were going to drive out and visit my mom's cousin today, but I didn't know I was invited. I was never mentioned when they discussed it. I figured I'd have to find some way to spend the day. But my mom swore she remembered telling me to be ready to go by 10am. Well, glad I decided to arbitrarily get up in time, then. :)

Twin Falls

So I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car with my parents and we made for the town of Kimberly, which is near Twin Falls, about 2 hours from Boise. I didn't have any breakfast at the house so we drove through a McDonald's to get me a small burger and drink... just something to hold me over for 2 hours, because they were going to feed us once we got there.

As we approached Kimberly, we had to cross a bridge over a canyon, which was carved by Snake River. We got to the other side and saw a view point to pull off the road, so we did. Wow. I didn't realize the bridge was that tall (the canyon was that deep) as we drove over it. It's like you're just driving over flat land, then you're on a bridge, then back on flat land. But oh by the way, the land dropped out for several hundred feed back there. We just crossed it almost without even knowing it, and yet when the first settlers in covered wagons came up to it, they must've thought, "NOW what?"

We continued on through Kimberly and found the house. Very strange place out there... The roads are numbered instead of named, and out among all these farms, suddenly there's a little suburban housing tract, and that's where they were.

So we went in and said hi again, sat down and talked a bit. Lunch was almost ready and needed to be tended to, so my mom told me to play some piano while they get things ready. I was warned it might be out of tune. But that's what they all say, and then it's not bad at all. So I played my Jon Schmidt pieces. Megan showed up as I finished Waterfall and said she liked it. Then I played All of Me. Then lunch was just about ready.

And let me tell you, they couldn't have fed me any better. I loved EVERYTHING on the table. That's rare for me. The main dish was some sort of pita pocket that was stuffed with something yummy. I dunno what it was, but it wasn't cheese and I loved it. Then there was a delicious fruit salad with enormous fresh raspberries, a nice fruit juice to drink, fresh carrots... It seems like there was one more thing but I forget. I swear it was great though. :)

After that, Lavir took us out in their truck to show us around town. He showed us their bird farm where they raise pheasants and some other kind of bird. I think they said they don't raise them to be game birds, but I forget what they said they DO raise them for. It was sort of a neat facility. Low-maintenance. Automatic feeders and water. They showed us how they put blinders on the pheasants' beaks so they can't see straight ahead, and therefore can't attack the other pheasants. They look like cute little clip-on-the-nose reading glasses. Neat stuff. :)

Then he took us to see Twin Falls, but one side of the falls was down to a trickle because the water level was quite low. So it was really more like Lone Fall. Then he drove us to Shoshone Falls, which is down the river just a little ways I guess. There was a nice little concession/souvenir stand there so we got some nice big drinks.

Next he took us to see a fish hatchery at the bottom of the canyon. To get there we had to drive down a one-lane road that zigzags down the canyon wall and has a traffic light at both ends so traffic can only go one way at a time. There were no guardrails to keep you on the road, either. My mom was probably peeing herself. Meanwhile I was taking pictures out the window because at the bottom of the canyon was a beautiful deep/bright blue pool of water. I don't think it was part of Snake River though. Well we got down to the fish hatchery but the gates were closed so we couldn't actually go in and look around. People are getting more protective of their property around there these days I guess.

So we left and drove around a little more. Lavir stopped along the side of the road at one point to show us an artesian well. It's a well that is dug down to a layer between two impermeable layers of rock where natural pressure pushes the water up to the top of the well so it doesn't need pumping. The water was just bubbling out the top of this well, and it was feeding an irrigation system for a farm. Pretty neat stuff.

We decided to eat out for dinner, but we went back to the house first so we could get our own car, since we'd be going to Twin Falls to eat, which is on the way home. So we ate dinner at Applebee's. All of us had Peach Lemonade, except Lavir who just had water. I had some sort of grilled salmon dish that was delicious. Then we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

While leaving Twin Falls (or maybe it was as we first entered), we noticed a fairly large building with Dell's logo on it. And there was a sign saying they're hiring. I wasn't exactly dressed for an interview, but I took note so I could look it up online when I got home. Turns out it's a tech support rep site, which means answering phones. Being polite and having communications skills is more important than having the right answer in those types of positions. Not for me. Oh well. But Sue said I could live with them for a little while if I found a job I wanted to try out there. How nice of them. :)

So then we had a nice 2-hour drive back to Boise. Along the way my mom told stories about how they used to go cave exploring along that road when they were kids before it was a divided 2-lane highway. Then my dad decided to test the honesty of the gas gauge in the Envoy, and didn't find an exit to refill until the Low Fuel light had already been illuminated for about 10 miles. But we made it. Used the restroom, cleaned the bugs off the windshield, and kept going.

We got back to Dave & Peachy's by about 11pm and they dropped me off there to spend the night one last time, and this time they DID tell me to be ready to go by 7am to catch my flight, and I heard them, and understood, and remembered. :)

Peachy had just started to watch the movie Dave when I got in, but couldn't figure out how to remove the subtitles. See, Dave (her husband, not the movie) has this nifty programmable remote that is a back-lit touch screen LCD with buttons that change depending on the source being controlled. Well, it doesn't exactly support every DVD button. So the only way to change the subtitles without the actual DVD player's remote that we couldn't find was to go back to the main menu and select the options from the language menu. So I did that, and we wanted to start the movie over so I could join, but instead it resumed, so I chapter-searched backwards until the beginning. I hate that darn Resume "feature" on DVD players. Not once have I ever WANTED it to resume, and I usually can't find a way to make it start from the beginning when I want it to, aside from the chapter search or completely unloading and reloading the DVD, which takes too long. Oh well. So we watched Dave and had some popcorn and drinks. Great movie. Then I went to bed.
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