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...and they're up!
Yes, I'm back from my trip. Had a GREAT time. :) More about that later...

I finally got my photos uploaded and organized. Check out the album here.

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Oooo.... pretty.... :-)

I've never seen pictures of fireworks actually come out before. How did you do that? They're absolutely lovely. :-)

I think your balloon thing had more balloons than Baird Park did in June when we hosted part of the Great Annual MidHudson Valley Balloon Race. And I thought we had a lot. Nice pictures.

Re: Oooo.... pretty.... :-)

Thanks! :)

You've probably never seen pictures of fireworks actually come out because people try to use point-and-shoot cameras with the wrong kind of film and sometimes even use their flash.

The trick to shooting fireworks is to turn off your flash (duh), open up the aperture, and use a shutter speed of 1/15sec or slower. If using film, you'll probably want something faster than ISO-100, but I would think you can compensate with shutter speed. I'm not totally sure on that though. No experience shooting fireworks on film. :)

My shots that show the blue sky or land features used shutter speeds around 3sec or more. You'll need a tripod. I didn't have one, but rested the camera on the railing and held my breath. :) It shook a little bit, but not too bad. Actually in one shot, the shaking had a cool effect.

Another tip is to shoot 100 pictures and reject 70 of them. ;)

There were a LOT of balloons, yes. I don't know an official count, and I never managed to fit them all into one frame since I was in the middle of the field. But if you find the shot with the most balloons in it, there were probably twice that many total.

Re: Oooo.... pretty.... :-)

I think the throwing out 70 pictures was probably the real key. Hehe.... It's hard to find ISO 100 film and less... or maybe not hard, but all my film is 200 or 400. Recommended shutter speed for without a tripod: at least 1/60th, so 1/30th could be bad.... I had enough trouble taking clear pictures at Ryan's concert in that garage. On the other hand, fireworks don't really looks so blurry so easily as someone's face. Hmm... must go digital....

Ah, someday.

Re: Oooo.... pretty.... :-)

Well the thing with fireworks is that shaking the camera doesn't make them blurry. Since they're moving, the shaking makes their lines of motion look squiggly, whereas they'd be nice straight arcs (is that an oxymoron?) if you used a tripod.

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