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No sleep for me...
I guess I don't get to sleep tonight. I went to bed at midnight, and just lay* there for 4 hours, then had to get up to use the bathroom. There was a Harry Potter book on the counter so I read the first chapter. Tried to go back to bed, but just lay there for another 3 hours. I'm dead tired but can't fall asleep.

This happened last week, too, and I blamed it on the chai. But last night I pointedly did not have chai, but it still happened, so I guess that's not it.

Well today I need to see if I can schedule my car for its 27,000 mile service tomorrow, as well as an inspection, because the sticker expires at the end of this month and I won't be getting back from Boise 'til the first. That also means I should pay bills that are due on the first before I leave on Thursday. Then I need to see if I can stop in to have Gary chop my hair off so I'll look decent for the trip out to Boise. Hopefully I can do that on my way out to Webster since it's on the way, then go house-sit and mow my parents' lawn. This week I'll try to figure something out to protect my hands.

Sounds like I'm in for a busy day.

I'll probably fall asleep at 9am and not wake up 'til 4pm, and then I'll be screwed.

Quote (well, paraphrase) from a comic on Comedy Central Presents:

They say that whenever you sleep with somebody, you're also sleeping with everyone that person has slept with. So if you sleep with a girl whose ex-boyfriend once slept with a girl you used to date, I guess theoretically you could really screw yourself.

* "lay" - I had to look this up because I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd share the grammatical knowledge. The difference between "lay" and "lie" is that the first is an action done to another object, while the second is an action that you do on your own, with no reference to another object necessary. You "lay" the book on the night stand, then you "lie" down in bed. This much I was fairly sure of. But I didn't know about the past tense. As it turns out, the past tense of "lie" is "lay". Leave it to the English language to do something like that. So the past tense of my example would be: Last night I "laid" the book on the night stand, then "lay" down in bed. And the past participle form would be: I realized that I had just "laid" the book on the nightstand and "lain" down in bed. In this case I needed the past tense of "lie", which is "lay".

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Whacha doing in Boise?

meeting my mom's side of the family... and my parents in the middle of their road trip.

(Deleted comment)
I find your plethora of sarcasm disturbing. :-P

Thank you for that grammatical explanation. I had not realized that the inbalance in my life had been caused by my own confusion on those particulars. I can now go forth with confidence into "this strange world of language where skating on thin ice can get you into hot water."

See my response above. :-P See, this is why there should be a 5-minute editable rule on comments. As it is, someone makes a typo, and has to do what you did. And then I look like a fool when I reply using the e-mail form and don't even know that I'm replying to a deleted comment. Oh well.

i get a sense of sexual tension from this post.

:raunchy comment supressed:

From more than just the Comedy Central Presents quote? Because that was just a random memorable event from the day that I happened to remind myself of as I was typing. :)

I'm not denying having sexual tension, though. That's been a fact of life for years now. :-/

but think of why this quote was so memorable... freud would have a lot to say about this. :)

It was memorable because it was funny. There's no mysterious psychology going on here. :-P The joke could've been about crayons, and if it was funny, I would've mentioned it just the same.

i know, i'm just teasing =)

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