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All of Me
I put up the video of me playing "All of Me", complete with mistakes. :)

5MB Windows Media Video

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Once again, a beautiful piece! Nicely done :) I love piano music- just love it!

The "oops" part cracked me the heck up. Do you have any of your music on MP3 format? Man, I would love to have a handful on my harddrive so I can listen to them or burn 'em to a CD or tape.

Hehe... glad you liked that. :) I tried to make it look like the way they might censor one of those Girls Gone Wild video commercials. :)

The thing with "my music" is that it isn't "MY music". Sure, I could make MP3s of my performance, but why not just download Jon Schmidt's MP3s? He's much better and had access to a nice piano and recording studio setup.

Really, who listens to recordings of a cover band unless they did a really clever/unique cover?

Well, I'd like it because I'd know it was you performing it, silly. I have loads of CDs of other performers, but I like your performances. Then when I'm listening I can say "Hey, that's my friend Dan- does he kick ass or what??"

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