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Waterfall Video
Now that my server is back up, here's a link to the new video of me playing Jon Schmidt's "Waterfall".

5.5MB Windows Media Video

Yes it's big, but it's over 3 minutes long so it's actually very well compressed. Sorry to those who can't play .WMV files but any other format would've been 15MB or more.

It should be noted that the performance has not been edited at all, so you're seeing me complete with mistakes. :) But there weren't many and I was happy with it.

Also the audio doesn't pick up the dynamics very well - as far as the mic could tell, everything was loud. But trust me, there are dynamics in there that make it sound so much better.

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Very nice! *two thumbs up* 8-}

I am SO EXCITED! The last few times you posted songs I didn't have broadband and couldn't watch 'em. Now I finally get to!!

Oh....just absolutely beautiful. What a joy to listen to!

I don't get it....

Just now, I downloaded that file in less than half an hour... the smaller files that you had up a while ago took me longer than that... strange.

One more thing....

Oh, who's piano is that? And that's Niagara at the end, right?

Re: One more thing....

If you had read my earlier posts, you'd know it's my parents' piano. And yes, it's Niagara Falls. If I had left the audio in it, you'd hear yourself tapping people on the shoulder and saying "Turn around, turn around, turn around, turn around..." :-P

Beautiful! Zette sent me over here and I'm glad she did - you did a fantabulous job!

I've been looking for this type of piano music to play. Can you tell me where I can get the sheet music and which album it would be on?

Thanks! :)

If you go to JonSchmidt.com you can download his sheet music in .PDF format. "All of Me" and "Sacred Ground" are free to download, but the rest cost something like $2 per piece, or you can download the whole book (and I think there are 3 books) for a reasonable price. I chose to only purchase Waterfall.

Jon's sheet music is amusing, too. For example, the style marking at the beginning of Waterfall says "With considerable body movement and obnoxious facial expressions." :)

So far I've downloaded Waterfall and All of Me and I can play them both quite well. I haven't yet found another piece of his that leaves me just itching to learn to play it. He has a decent variety of style and I tend to like the more powerful pieces such as these two.

I hope you find what you're looking for. :)

By the way, I found Jon Schmidt when I was at mp3.com one time and using the "Play all tracks" in the Classical:Piano section. Waterfall came up and I just had to hear more like that. :)

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