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Why couldn't I just go to bed? No, I had to stay up and play with my laser pointer. Now it's dead. And probably for the same reason my last one died, too. I'm a fucking idiot.

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Hmm... addicted to the laser you are, yes :)

Why'd it die? ... a reason other than the battery running out?

No, the laser diode itself died. The batteries are fine, but the diode only puts out about 1/10th the power it used to. I found a site online that explains how laser diodes can be easily damaged by improper power, and figured that must be what happened.

I had hooked up my first laser pointer to a 4.5V DC power supply in place of its three 1.5V batteries so I could run it constantly in my fountain mist and vibrating mirror setup. But one day it suddenly became very dim. I figured the diode simply reached the end of its life, only being rated for 2000-3000 hours or so.

But now I'm thinking maybe the diode was damaged when I hooked it up to the power adapter. I might have used one power adapter for a while, then had to use it for something else so I put another one in its place, and didn't make the connection between that change and the laser dying. But now I hooked that same power adapter to my new laser pointer and immediately the laser died down to the same level of the first laser pointer. I tried putting the batteries back in the new laser pointer, but the beam was still dim.

Maybe someday if I get my hands on a voltmeter I'll test the output of this power adapter and see if it's not up to spec.

That's probably more than you cared to know. :-P

Nope, that's exactly what I wanted to know. :-)

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