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Last Night's Dream...

I was visiting Erin for some reason, doing something on her computer. But it seemed to be a favor from her to me, not from me to her. Then in the middle of light conversation I said something that she took wrong and got all upset and she asked me to leave. But I clarified the problem and all was well.

But I was ready to leave shortly after that anyway, so I get up from the computer desk... For some reason I had balanced a plate dirty with pasta sauce on a bedpost nearby. I don't remember eating off it, but I knew it was mine. Next to it was a towel of hers. I bumped something as I walked by, sending her town into the pasta sauce. D'oh! So we went to a sink to wash the towel by hand to keep it from getting stained. Maybe it wasn't a towel... it had a consistency more like a shower poof ball, but it could be opened up to lay flat. I dunno. We got it clean whatever it was.

Then I head towards the door, and see Nicky and their mom watching TV, so I say hi to them as I leave.

I get outside and it seems that I have just exited my parents' neighbor's house back home. I remember contemplating which way around their house I should go to get home, so they wouldn't see me through their living room window. I forget what I decided, but got home just in time for a picnic in the back yard.

It was somebody's birthday or something, and all the kids were there. Bear was trying to catch bees in the flowers, but totally looking in the wrong places while tons of bees were elsewhere. Our neighbors from nextdoor were over, only they weren't related to Erin, and they weren't my parents' real neighbors either. It was an older-looking black man with a black dog that liked to play with Bear, but it was a little smaller, and sometimes Bear would remind it of this. Then as that happened, the guy said the title of a movie, in which there was a famous quote about there always being a bigger dog or something like that. It wasn't obscure at all and everyone got it... I just can't remember what it was now.

Then in another part of the dream, I was in some sort of high school setting, but there was an ice cream place there. (My brain obviously got that from the Ben & Jerry's at RIT.) It took me forever to decide what I want, but I finally ended up asking for a cup of butterscotch ice cream topped with crushed Oreos. I don't remember if I got it or not. There were other scenes in the school... one having something to do with theater and the other in the gym or locker room, but they're too faint to recall.
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