Dan Price (thwack) wrote,
Dan Price

Hehe, I'm such a clown sometimes...

I was playing doubles tennis with 3 friends today. We started out just hitting the ball around for fun... and during that, when someone ran out of balls, they would go off the court to retrieve some while their partner keeps playing. Well, at one point I went to pick up some balls, and there were a bunch in one area... like 3 or 4... so I picked them all up, but I knew I couldn't hold them all in one hand so I could keep playing... So I was walking back to the court trying to decide what to do with the extra balls, when someone hit a ball to me... Ack! I panicked, and dropped all the balls so I could return the one hit to me. It was hilarious - one ball turned into an explosion of 5 balls. Everyone loved it. :)

I get to go ice skating tonight from 6-8pm... that should be loads of fun. :) Gotta get some rest though. Tennis really wore me out. Well not really, which is surprising. I wonder if I'm finally getting back into shape. Well anyway, off to bed for now...
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