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Presidential Address

I was just watching Bush's address on TV, and noticed some technical peculiarities about the broadcast. First, the camera was shaking very slightly, but consistently. Now, surely the government of all organizations would have access to a decent camera tripod that wouldn't shake. So that leads me to think that maybe they were shaking it on purpose. Second, I noticed a few black dots go flying across the screen. Flies? Possibly. But again, wouldn't the White House have the means to keep the little buggers outside, especially while the president is trying to address the nation? So that leads me to think that maybe they're there on purpose, or maybe they're not even real, but fake flies thrown into the frame on purpose.

Why? Well, it could be to prevent counterfeiting. The camera shaking might actually follow a predefined motion pattern that authenticates the image. Or, if that sounds too ambitious, shaking the camera could also simply prove that they're not using a bluescreen, by showing that the president moves together with the background when the camera moves. As for the flies, again, that might be something they throw in there that looks like an imperfection but is actually required to authenticate the broadcast. Dollar bills contain little red and blue fibers embedded into the paper for the same reason. They look like little hairs that came from lint your pocket, but they're actually there on purpose to prevent counterfeiting.

What do you think? Am I giving our government too much credit? :)
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