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The Sum of All Fears
Great movie. :) It's a bit spooky though, in that it's very believable. I hope Hollywood isn't giving terrorists ideas.

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ooh, you liked it? Cool. 8-} I think I'm gonna see it this weekend, but I've heard mixed reviews.
and hey, how come I'm not your 'friend' on here? I don't post quiz results anymore, I promise. 8-Þ

Oh :) Well a while ago I went to add you as a friend, but first decided to check out your journal, and the entire first page was quizzes. ;) But if you say it's safe now... hehe... Actually you can post quizzes all you want if you put them behind lj-cut tags. ;)

Cool. That's what I do now... actually I just shove 'em all on a page and link to it, which saves the journal for journaling. 8-}

<grail knight>You have chosen... wisely.</grail knight>


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