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We had a decent storm pass through tonight and I thought I'd try to shoot some lightning. I missed a few during the 4-second record cycle between 8-second exposures, but I managed to capture 2 really good ones and a few smaller ones, plus many of a glowing sky but those are boring. Here are the 2 good ones:

And I had a busy day... I got up at 6:30 to head over to RIT by 7:30 to help out with the graduation flower sale. I worked the tent all day from the first ceremony at 8:30am until after the second ceremony let out and dissipated around 2pm. Sales went very well, and it was loads of fun. :) Suzy and Molley were in the tent with me all day as well, and Bob, Ryan, and Jason also helped out at various times. I was actually supposed to stay until 3pm but I had to be at home with my family by 3pm for my dad's and grandfather's birthdays, so I took off at 2pm. Sales had died down and we only had about 5 roses left (out of 85 dozen or so, and about the same number of carnations were sold out)... so I wrapped one up to bring home with me. We also had an ENORMOUS amount of "decorative green" ferns left over, so I grabbed a whole bundle of those as well, and headed home.

I forgot to take off the tape strip dispenser strapped to my wrist. Oops. :)

So I came back to my apartment and got changed quick and headed home. I didn't ge there 'til 3:15, but I guess I didn't miss much. Actually, people just sat around talking and stuff for about 2 hours. I kinda felt bad leaving my friends to clean up after the flower sale so I could just come home and sit around... but when I talked to Suzy later she said clean-up was a breeze because they just left most of the stuff there to be thrown out. (Thanks, Facilities Management!) So I don't feel too bad for that now.

So we watched Shrek and Star Wars 1 on DVD on my brother's 32" flat HDTV he brought home to leave with mom and dad while he's working at a clinic out in AZ for a year. The picture quality on that thing rocks. :) Jamie's 36" flat TV is bigger but what good is that if it's not HDTV, and you see all these ugly scan lines? :)

People went in the back yard to throw frisbees and a ball around, then went in to eat when the food was done grillin'. Had ice cream cake, opened cards, etc.

My mom gave me (well, told me about) my birthday present a little early... My birthday isn't until June 11th. But on June 10th my parents are leaving on a trip for like 5 weeks or so, and on the 28th they'd be in Boise. My birthday present? Plane tickets to go out and visit there. :) My brother would fly up from AZ, too. How cool is that?

I don't even remember ever being on a plane. My mom says I was on one once when I was like 1 year old... it was this big yellow thing that looks like a banana, according to the pictures in the photo album. I'm all excited about finally getting to fly, but I wish my first time could be with someone so they can tell me what to do and expect. :) I mean, do they do stuff in a way that even someone who has never flown before could understand, or do they rely on people knowing the rules and procedures of riding a plane from having done it so much? I actually have the same anxiety about riding a city bus... something else I've never done alone. Mainly because I've never had a reason to, but what if someday I do? My only knowledge of things like riding in planes and city buses comes from what I see in movies and on TV, and they tend to focus on the significant/interesting parts of the experience, such as bad things that happen, everything going wrong that possibly can, stupid people doing the wrong thing and people laughing at them, etc. For example, on Seinfeld, Elaine gets stuck riding coach and has to use the bathroom, then they serve food and she can't get back to her seat because the food cart fills the aisle, so the flight attendant gets all snotty saying "you're not supposed to get up during the food service!" and tells her she'll have to wait. Then she sits down and find that she didn't receive a meal. And the guy sitting next to her says "you know, you're not supposed to get up during the food service." Ok, I realize this is all an exaggeration to make for a funny sketch on Seinfeld, plus that show is old and things have probably changed, but still, if that's ALL I have to go by, how am I supposed to avoid getting filled with anxiety about ending up in similar situations? It all boils down to your first time needing to be with someone (usually a parent) who guides your action and behavior so you don't do anything bad/stupid/wrong/embarrassing. I just don't like the idea of relying on the crew and nearby passengers to fill that parental roll for me on my first time.

My mom will probably see this. Hi, mom. :) All of this doesn't mean I don't want to go... Of course I want to go! :) I'm just writing out my feelings about it because it's probably good for me or something. Like, if it came up in conversation and someone asked, "Oh, you're gonna fly for the first time? How do you feel about that?", this would be my response.

Well anyway, it's really late (early?) and I had a really long day. I've been awake for 20 hours now, 6 of them on my feet. Time to remedy that. :)
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