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What is it?

Click here to see!

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How the hell did you do that????

All it took was a high shutter speed, flash, AOL 7.0 tin, some water, two fingers, and impeccable timing. LOL

Did you see the rest in that album? There are 4 more photos. DSC02442 is my favorite. It's my desktop wallpaper right now. :)

so yeah that is quite possibly the coolest thing I've seen like ever... Dan, you never cease to amaze me.

Of course you know that you absolutely ROCK. That's so awesome!

So are you gonna marry me, huh, huh? :) hehe

Only if we all move to Utah or someplace where they allow bigamy!

Count me in on that one too! Yay Utah. :)

Ooh, two women and two men - what kind of marriage is that? LOL

Really damn cool pics :) I'm inspired! Maybe tomorrow Dominic and I will have some fun with water experiments!

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