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Dan Price

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poekitty wrote:

How fucked! am i? !! i have never thought to myself "i so wish i had a cell phone." I have always thought cell phones are for very social people, who need constant human interaction. Well, mom says to me yesterday, "if you are going to wait for that old car to die to get a new one, you need a cell phone. Im PRY getting you one tomarrow. " so, today we are PRY looking at cell phones for moi. ICk. i am becoming more and more into someone i always excluded myself from. You know? a normal human being? lmao!!

I have the same view on cell phones, and my parents did the same thing when I drove the old family van. They gave me a cell phone as an insurance policy. And even having it there, I never had any urge to use it for social reasons. I only used it like once when I couldn't get the van to start at work and all my colleagues had gone home.

My parents also put together a survival kit for me to keep in the van in case I get stranded somewhere... a few bottles of watter, granola bars, heat blanket, candles, matches, a book of crossword puzzles and some sharpened pencils. :)
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