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24 Hours...
...'til Episode II


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(Deleted comment)
hey... cool... welcome to my ... um... whatever. :)

*is waiting w/ baited breath*

but what i really wanted to tell you was that i've been reading your journal, i think you're interesting, and i added you to my friends list.

i thought i should let you know. : )

Two journals - you're tricky. :-P

So, how did you find my journal, anyway?

Sorry 'bout that... I forgot I had logged in as the other when I posted the first time. This account is the "real one" (the one I use for most stuff)

I found you in sort of a round about way... I was reading support stuff and found some random nifty journal that had a link to opalcat, who had a link to you.
Let's just say I was pretty bored yesterday. : )

Wow, discovered through boredom - what an honor! ;)

I'm getting very anxious, but I'm undecided on when to go. I think i'm going to wait until next week and see a matinee with Allan- maybe like on Tuesday or Wednesday when we can have the theater to ourselves and REALLY get into it.

Joel whatshisface on Good Morning America gave it a mixed review- said Hayden Christiansen wasn't so hot in his line delivery, and it was basically "too busy" (which I happen to like). He said that the last half hour will blow everyone away and it's awesome!

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