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April Fools Day was last month.
Seriously, is this some sort of joke? When I started up Winamp the other day, it told me a new version is available and suggested I upgrade. So I said OK and it took me to the site, where the download link failed. Hmm. Oh well. I'll try later.

So just now I try again, and the link STILL doesn't work. IE just gives a "The page cannot be displayed" error page. Odd. Well, their page says if the download link doesn't work, to send them feedback, so I did.

Then I went to try and find other sites who might have the file... and guess what. Every other download site simply links back to the same link on Nullsoft's server that doesn't work! What good is that? What ever happened to the concept of mirror sites? Nullsoft only offers one download location now, and it doesn't work.

May Fools? What's going on?

Blah. I'm going to bed.

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What's extra fun is when the 'Report Problem Page here' is also broken

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