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The Job Search
Well I applied for a job at Wegmans. Nothing specific... It was just a general application (on the web) and I specified that my preferred and experienced type of work/position is in IT, but I will consider any position including stock. Hopefully I'll hear back from them. At this point I'll really accept anything I'm capable of doing that will pay the bills. :-/

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Not only that... but Wegman's is cool! :-)

Wegmans is an excellent place to work. Good benefits (even for part time), nice people (in general), and reasonable expectations. Around here, they are very choosy about who works there so that you never have any idiots or rude attitude people.

Good luck!

And your parents approve...

Your tone reeks. Tell me why I should even acknowledge a comment from someone who doesn't say a word for weeks until she sees an opportunity to pick a fight.

Well you've failed because I'm not gonna fight.

That's pretty rude...I just moved, I just got my internet hooked up and was not trying ot pick a fight but did manage to make a valid point. And the fact that you got all pissy over nothing says something in itself.

I said I'm not gonna fight.


See that? I'm smiling. No fight. :)

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