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Speed Limit 2 mph
As I sit here seeing that a friend of mine finished a 464-page book one morning, read another 278-page book and finish it the same night, and also start a 286-page book that same night and finish it the next day... How can I help but feel inferior? It would take me 2 months to read that much, and that's assuming I drop everything and do nothing but eat, sleep and read.

If I could read a novel in one night, I'd have no problem doing these chapter readings for school.


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yeah, but give them a test on the details of the books, and see how much they have retained.

If they can give an opinion of the book or say things like "it was anticlimactic", they retained far more than I ever could.

You have an opinion about the presentations, they just aren't the type of opinion which will give you a good grade. - They were boring as hell and a total waste of time......

No, I didn't even understand it well enough to form an opinion. I don't know if they were boring as hell because I didn't even know what was being discussed. It was all so far over my head. It was probably quite interesting if I could've grasped it.

WEll, I know this is not about you being stupid, so perhaps you should talk to someone at school about your inability to concentrate on things like this. There may be some help for you.

I can read a novel in a couple of hours... I love to sit and read until I fall asleep... but I am horrible at reading text books. 10 pages will take me as long to digest as a 200 page novel... and I won't remember anything unless I write notes while I'm reading... Generally, I don't read stuff for class... but that's in engineering... in Lib arts is hard to get away with that.

I still say my ability to read relies on my sincere interest in the material. I say "sincere" interest because it cannot be faked. I can't "bite the bullet" and force myself to be interested when I'm naturally not.

In my textbook for Ethics, I was reading one of the assigned excerpts by Rousseau, and was surprised to find that I was actually able to read it. Why? Because I found it captivating and I was interested in the story being told. But when I got to the assigned excerpts by Marx and Engels, I suddenly found that I couldn't read it anymore. Because their writing didn't spark the same interest. I could force my eyes to scan over every word, but not a single one of them would be retained. I could back up a sentence and honestly say I don't remember having read it just a few seconds ago. That's why reading takes so long for me - I'm constantly backing up and re-reading as I realize that my mind has been wandering for the past n lines.

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