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I need to do laundry, but I have no quarters. *sigh* What are the chances of any place being open on Labor Day where I can get quarters? I don't even know where I'd go on a normal business day...

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try the car wash - they even change $5.00 and sometimes $10 bills.

You're awesome! :) Thanks, I never would've thought of that, even though my car does need a washing! Hehe... I did use one of those self wash places once with my old van to try and get the salt off... I think I changed a $20 in the machine. :) Maybe it was only a $10, but it was certainly a pocket full of quarters. Only problem is the roads are still wet right now so washing it would be pointless... Oh well. I usually go to Delta Sonic anyway.

Actually, I just heard my friends might be going to a movie tonight, so maybe I can get some change in the arcade. :)

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