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Good times...
Went home last night for a good old-fashioned home-made spaghetti dinner with the parents... and my grandparents from PA were visiting too. Good to see them. After dinner the five of us played cards - Hollywood Rummy. Does anybody else play that? It seems to be something only my family has heard of. Many people have heard of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy and stuff, but never Hollywood Rummy.

Well anyway, in this game, aces are wild. In a hand of 11 cards (the game uses two decks), I had 3 aces. For that particular game, the goal was to lay down a set and a run. Well, I was dealt a run, and I picked up a king so I had a pair of kings, so I had all I needed because one ace could be used as the 3rd king to make the set and the other two aces weren't even needed. So, just to be a smartass, I laid down my run, then my 2 kings... then I pretended to look embarrassed and said "Oops, I need another king there, don't I?" Everyone's saying "yes you do, whatcha trying to pull there?" So then I grabbed my 3 aces and laid them all next to the two kings and said "How's that?" I got the nastiest looks... and my grandmother asked to be excused from the table so she could go swear. Hehehe... she was just kidding though, not honestly asking permission. My family isn't that polite to each other. :)

While home, I also played the piano a little... which my grandparents always love. I played Root Beer Rag and it came out the best I'd ever done... That was so cool.

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Nope, never heard of Hollywood Rummy. It sure sounds like you had loads of fun, though. Cards, music, family, and food, what more could you possibly ask for?

A soulmate.

Don't we all?


Hey, I am looking for rules on how to play hollywood rummy. I remember playing it a while ago and forgot, could you tell me?
Thanks a whole lot!

Wow, yeah I know all the rules but the question is if I can remember them all at once without being prompted for each individual situation. :)

I gave it a shot and posted the rules as a new journal entry just now.

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